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Deep down

Deep down, you want your work to linger in places outside yourself.

Deep down, you want to make your mark in other than yourself in a way that you approve.

Deep down, you want to keep existing.

Deep down, you want to be remembered.

Deep down, you want to be independent of the time.

Deep down, you want to be immortal.

It’s like the moon refuses to go despite the sun’s blaze.

It seems weak, but it is up there.

It seems small, but it is the moon.

It seems insignificant, but it is you.


beaten again and again by the sun,

hot, big, super star,

blinding the eye.


only be able to reflect the light

or deflect the light,

yet you cry wanting to be immortal.


shy, shining bright in the night,


Which night is your time?


all wide awake and up there,

what is your “immortal”?