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I can see details in a big picture, but I’m blind to see the obvious in the detail.

The scene of my future higher, I paint it with clear water.

While I want you to see my excitement, I’m hiding on every increment.

As time passed just like that, our potentials flung like a caveat.

We wonder why don’t we just start, lay everything flat?

Even before the story begin, the end credit’s already rolling in.

You’ve asked for my presence written, but I seemed to be keep being forgotten.

Closest to you is a library of a collection of us always on a contrary.

While our dynamics are oxymorons, day by day I feel like a real moron.

Maybe you saw it as you vs the world, but mine’s me vs me a thousand folds.

Yet I keep reminding myself that my life is not a tragedy, it’s only a stagnancy.

So you wonder again,

Why such as a simple drama triggered a long trauma?

I’m dead by a hundred decisions, they left my forehead incisions.

While the unknowns are astonishingly beautiful, forcing me thinking plentiful, I keep feeling like a fool.

You would have helped me generous enough, had I recognise the past was a bluff.

But we have come to conclusion that we need no more book of incarceration.

We arrived here to rediscover our string whose sound strung our heart flying.

We have been curious about the maker, longing to see the low end and unravel our cover.

I could live my mistakes, but I can’t survive without some re-takes.

Just by imagining the absolute signs, sending shivers down my spine.

Oh, what have I done?