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House of Wisdom

Photo by JR Korpa on Unsplash

Wisdom is the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise, Oxford says. While knowledge is clarity of facts and truth, wisdom is the ability to consistently make good decisions in life. Get wisdom, get a good life.

How to have wisdom in life? Is there a school of wisdom?

What you expected to get in typical school is all knowledge, but no wisdom. They develop a curriculum that focused on implanting knowledge, with the hope that wisdom will follow. Besides, wisdom comes with a story. Story build based on conflict. The good news is that the story doesn’t have to be yours. There comes the importance of observing people’s life, ours too.

But, observing and then getting the wisdom… is not that easy.

“He gives wisdom to whom He wills, and whoever has been given wisdom has certainly been given much good. And none will remember except those of understanding.” — Al Baqarah verse 269

Wisdom does not come in an instant. It does not fall from the sky or rise to the surface every time as we wish. Wisdom falls upon those who understand, people of knowledge. But not even all educated men can translate wisdom. Because wisdom is a discretionary use of knowledge for the greater good. Virtue issues wisdom. In order for men of understanding could be gifted with the understanding of wisdom, they need to have virtue. They need to be virtuous.

Know the knowledge, do the virtue, then get the wisdom. Repeat.

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