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Is this that time of your life?

When you woke up out of your short nap, you suddenly cried, out of feeling the affliction of other human beings, who might be at your age or younger, who have lost loved ones by the injustified ambitions in this mortal world. It is that time in the history, where it’s as clear as a day, the distinction between the wrong and the right ones. But you are paralyzed. You hold their anguish in your hand. It’s hurting you. It’s painful. What can you do now?

Their struggle is to survive. Your struggle is to hold back the desires, to see clearly, to hear sharply, to listen attentively, to think hard, to feel the feelings, to keep your conscience alive, to work hard until you break your back, to take a stance and be bold about your belief.

There’s no lack of urgency to buckle your belt in this situation. Because in this world, there is no day without an enemy, even if that’s enemy is an aspect of yourself. There is no sunrise without a declaration of war, even if it’s a war against you own passions. So if you think by being idle you can achieve peace, then you are holding into the wrong conception of life.

Life is a grand test, compromising of a whole smaller tests. When there’s a test, there are knowledge and actions to be tested. Within a test, there are a set of steps that you will take. There are preparations. There are decisions being chosen, plans being executed, judgements being made. By the end of that, it’s either pass or fail. If you pass, you’ll be tested for a higher degree; if you fail, you’ll either redo the whole thing or being put into a lower level.

And a failure in taking action is a failure in facing the test. By being idle, you are preparing yourself for a failure.

That goes the same for a failure in understanding.

Do not fail the smaller tests. Do not fail the grand one. Keep that in mind, you, who just woke up from a nap.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.