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The Urge to be Immortal

I get the sense that everyone want to be remembered. People have different degree of urgency towards the desire, but at least it is their significant other they wish who keep them in his/her mind.

“Remembered” is quite synonymous with “existed”, be it physically or inside someone’s memory. If the hypothesis above is true, then we can say every single human wants to be immortal. What is your definition of “immortality”?

One might say it is to “escape” death by prolonging life–something so unlikely.

Other probably mark the history with their long-lasting legacy: their works of intelligence, sparks of creativity, wealth and fortune, global-scale decision, or foolishness.

But some don’t show any sign of such efforts.

Am I wrong?

I could be wrong, but I still believe so. Deep in their heart, human wants to be immortal, independent of time.

One sure thing is that to achieve eternal life, anyone needs to exort huge efforts.

So, how about you? What is your way to be live without tied to time?

I choose the religious answer. I know I will live forever in the afterlife. The real question is, what kind of life? I want a good one. A good afterlife needs a bunch of good decisions and actions, outweighting the bad ones.

What is good for you? How do you define good decisions and actions?

History shows that it took more than a man’s entire lifetime to answer those questions by himself. So we need guide, right? Otherwise, our time will be spent mostly answering stuffs that should have been settled even before we wish for any action.

What is your guide, then? I’m sure you already know what it is. Learn it with your heart then get a good afterlife. Practice it with your blood and muscle so that you can fulfill your immortality urge.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.