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My Sweet (two thousands and) Seventeen

Sorry, my dear, it’s 8.31 P.M. now in 31 December 2016 and you won’t celebrate anything–the new year eve I mean.

Seriously, what makes people celebrate new year? What is so special about a change of a number in our calendar year? What is so fun about it? What’s in 2017?

This is going to be unorganized, random post. Maybe I just want to spurt things out…

Since I was introduced to concept of “new year celebration”, I always wanted to watch some television program in the last seconds of the year. Yeah, mainly because there was a music concert containing many musicians. But the attempt every year was mostly failed. I got slept and woke up hours later.

I grew up. Then I don’t care anymore. A change in a number doesn’t make a change. Nothing special. New Year is just a moment, a moment that, for me, doesn’t hold any meaning at all.

When new year comes, the important thing is not celebrating, it is myself. In your case, the important thing is yourself. It is about you and the things you have done. A new year is just reminder. It’s about answering questions like: Do we get better than last year? Do we reach our goals and resolutions? What kind of deeds we have done for ourselves and society? How much we won? How much we lost? And so on.

coffee A cup of coffee that always accompany my study sessions.

This kind of reflection was kind of fun for me. It’s like I was facing kid, asking her questions, reading out loud her cumulative exam results, then scrutinizing her. My words were harsh and demanding. But hey, that’s me, myself. Not anyone.

Maybe because I started to feel uncertain about future. I feel a little anxious every time I looked at my agenda. Important dates in the new year were encircled in red lines. Important decision-making time were listed, plans were described, start from January, February, March, April, and so on…

Then things gone blur.

I’m on my last year in high school.

After May passed, what’s next? What’s awaiting me there?

My choice is to attend university or to attend university. So I have some target.

The questions is,

Am I prepared enough to reach my target?

Can I push myself?

I am the only one who can answer my questions. I know.

I know, 2017 is gonna be sweet.

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