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No Need to Defeat Your Fears

Often times, we don’t want to admit that we fear something.

Most of the times, we automatically accept that we are defeated by our fears before taking an action.

A little portion of people are compelled to hush their fears immediately.

fears Image by Lennart Wittstock

I choose to be moderate.

I don’t have to defeat my fears. I will ask them “what’s your name?” and get to know them. I want to make them my good friend.

I’ll make sure to write their thoughts, fulfill their necessities, make them comfortable.

Comfortable living in a small part of my consciousness.

You know what? I am actually the one who seek them. I need my fears. I have to make them under my radar, in check. Otherwise, they will go rampage and their influence, the unconscious, can take over the conscious at many undesirable times.

So, no need to defeat them. They’ll remind me of the end. They’ll poke me, “Hey, these are your possible regrets.”

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.