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The First Few Weeks in Asrama Salman

It was about a week before Ramadhan 1439 H I was told that I will become a part of Asrama Salman 18/19. The Salman Dormitory.

I cannot react to that.

All of the good part of being living alone and all the bad part of staying in such a cold, dark, little room my kosan was, completely washed away.

And now, after I stayed in this dormitory for about a month and interact with it’s people for more than two month, I think that signing for this scholarship is definitely some of the best choice I had ever made in my life.

One of the good thing living in this dorm that I may never wake up late for, at least, subuh prayer. I always had problem waking more early than subuh time in my kosan. In this dorm, everyone were woken up at about 3.30 a.m. to do the tahajjud prayer together. I already feel the amazing effect of waking up early. I became energized throughout the day, more alert, more organized, and more productive. This is definitely one thing that I should be thankful for.

One new experience and surprisingly fun for me was living with many people. Before I went to this dorm, I never imagine living with complete stranger. I always had that “alone” pride and I valued my privacy so much. I didn’t want to face the clashing lifestyle between me and other people when we share a room. But the people are so kind and some of them are very funny. I hadn’t encounter any of the bad experience till now. Maybe because we haven’t get close enough? I think that a group of friends are like a set of moving porcelain cup. The closer they get, the more friction they make, and more noises are made. Not my best analogy, I know. 😀

inside masjid salman Inside Masjid Salman.

Now that I think about it. One of the main reason I applied for this dorm is because I need outside stimuli to encourage me doing more good things (I know people living in this dorm are good people, that’s why! 😊). I want to be able to make time (with ikhlas) to do more prayer, to recite Quran more, to remember more ayah, and just do more healthy social interactions. And masya Allah, alhamdulillah, everyone inspired and encouraged me everyday (even it’s not directly).

In these few weeks, I already got so many hikmah from this that I cannot pour it one by one here. I can see, from now on until the end this dorm period next year, more hikmah will come to me. Of course, I am ready! Bismillah!

فَبِأَيِّ آلَاءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ - 55:13

So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?

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